Saturday, September 8, 2012

Oh Coloccini, you are the love of my lifeeee.

This past weekend, I was a sports fan.

I know, I know. You are all wondering who I am and where the real Kim is, but it is true.

Since I started dating Luke, I have been to two football matches, and one American football game. I can tell you that this is more sport than I have attended in the past 22 years of my life. And I know at least 3 Newcastle chants. Coloccini's being my favourite. Google him for some fantastic hair.

So we decided to spend last weekend going to a Newcastle United game. And it was quite the trek to even get there!

We opted to stay at Luke's house in Leeds for the weekend and get there on Saturday, bus to and from Newcastle on Sunday, and then from Leeds to Coventry on Monday. It was a great idea in theory until we got to the house. It's under renovations so there was literally no kitchen and the first two floors were unusable save for the washroom which was a sketchy situation at best. I'm actually excited to go there in October, because it will be like the 'great reveal' on a TV show and I'll start crying and the tv film crew will surround me and joy will be everywhere. Or, you know, it'll be a house of smelly boys... Either way.

It was actually really cool to go North. I'm getting the real tour of England! Though, 'North' in England feels vastly different than 'North' in Canada.

Leeds and Newcastle were very charming. Beautiful cities! I wish Canada looked prettier sometimes. I'm excited to live in Leeds this winter

Oh, and Newcastle drew 1-1 with Aston Villa. My man, Ben Arfa scored Newcastle's goal. Mmhmm.


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