Tuesday, September 11, 2012

goodbyes and traveling solo

My last week in Coventry can be characterized by a couple lists!

Things Luke Says:

  1. "Never listen to me". That was an instant regret of his.
  2. "Impracticality is no reason to stop dreaming ideally". Stop and think about this one.
  3. "When in Coventry, knife people". You know, to contrast the last statement.
Things I Have Learned:

  1. McDonalds just isn't worth it. After months of banning ourselves, we caved.
  2. I love a good rope playground.
  3. Leamington Spa has a sneaky (but very nice!) city centre.
  4. And lastly, I can't believe I left England with 2!!! episodes of Lost left!!!
England treated me very well and I'm saddened to have left. I'm in Scotland now, where there are more places that I can't pronounce (though less people so far to make fun of me).

However, there are castles to be seen and haggis to be eaten. Maybe. But maybe not. I don't know.

I'm starting my fling with traveling solo. I don't like it as much. Suggestions about how to take better self photos with an iphone? My camera is no more.

I will leave some picturess from Coombe Abbey, take two - the time it didn't take three hours to get there and back!

rope playground!
Coombe Abbey hotel
the walk home


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