Monday, September 3, 2012

I'm so fit - I walk everywhere

Two weeks into my vacation, I was presented with tackling transit and doing city centre shopping all by my lonesome!  

Well, what really happened was that Luke had a stag party to go to and I was apparently not invited. Anyways, I decided to be brave and individualistic and tackle Coventry City Centre on my own. Let me tell you, it was not intimidating. I managed to catch buses to and from very successfully and bought several little knickknacks upon arrival to city centre. Actually, that is strange because we go to city centre almost every day and you would think I would have seen all there is to see.. But nope! I've actually been there thrice since then and so I can't even give a great description of what I bought. Something from Top Shop seems inevitable. OH! Tights. Everyone here wears tights - with shorts, dresses, pants.. I've seen it all.


Tuesday was a nostalgic day for Luke. He took me on a walking tour of Coventry to show me where he used to live and the schools he used to go to! It was nice having a context for what he talks about. So we took a bus to his elementary school where we then began our walk to his old house, and then to his high school and then to my favourite place - city centre.

What I remember is getting home and being all proud of myself for walking 4 miles or so in a day. Lots of "Wow, Kim. You're so fit" kind of thoughts circling in my head. I had no idea what was to come...

I also went to one of Luke's football games where I was one of 4 spectators. Lucky me though, Luke scored an AMAZING goal. Ask him about it ;)

Wednesday was a rainy day - a very typical English rainy day from what I am being told. Everyone in this house told me at different times that it was one of those days where you stay in pajamas and watch TV all day. However, I was restless and decided that if I can walk to University in the Canadian winter in snow that comes up past my knees, I can brave a little wind and rain.

Luke was not pleased with my determination, so I decided to be the amazing girlfriend that I am and not suggest Ikea, even though that was the obvious thing to do (obvious in that I wanted to go and we hadn't yet and I like Ikea). Instead we bought donuts from a little street vendor and sat at a coffee shop and discussed many important and interesting topics.

Thursday was day trip day! The plan was to go to Leamington Spa and see what there was to see and do what there was to do. NOPE. We didn't do any planning and we arrived at the train station an hour early for the next train. We didn't feel like waiting around so we declared it a failed adventure and went to the next logical conclusion: go to city centre. More shopping was involved. Luke bought nice dress clothes and I bought shoes that I would come to loathe in 24 hours time.

This brings us to the end of the week. It was a beautiful day out and I wanted to do something as our day trip the day before hadn't actually happened. Luke suggested a stroll to Coombe Abbey. I've been walking quite a bit since I got here so naturally I agreed. I was wearing my new tights and my new shoes and was just waiting to show Coventry how awesome I looked as we strolled around.

13 kilometres later, we returned home.

A short walk to Coombe Abbey and back turned into a dangerous path involving potential trespassing, walking on motorways (or maybe just roads, I'm not sure the difference) and seeing some cows. And I did this all in my new shoes. Bad choice. Though, in my defence, when Luke said stroll I did not envision 13 kilometres of hiking through wilderness.

I should mention that Coombe Abbey was quite lovely in the end. Lots of green grass and trees and swans and ducks and ice cream. I was more than happy to sit by that point as well! :)

Tomorrow I will update you on my journey to Leeds and Newcastle!


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