Sunday, August 26, 2012

castles, cathedrals and coventry, oh my!

The years have treated me harshly. When I was almost 16, my father took to me to one of my favourite English attractions: Warwick Castle. Besides being enthralled at the fact that I was in a castle, and that there was actually dungeons and towers, there were also really delightful wax characters depicting how life would be. But obviously the highlight of this trip so many years ago was how one of the 'character' employees asked that my father let us marry for 50 sheep. The only thing I was told on this trip by the 'characters' was that I please not enter the tower because there were eagles up there. I've lost my youthful touch.

Besides that, however, the castle was still very fun and a lot of new features added over the past 6 years. There was a tour of "Secrets and Scandals" which I enjoyed, and a tower walk. Luke and I scaled 530 steps! We took in the sights with some lovely wax figurines and ate a medieval lunch (aka burgers and hot dogs).

medieval lunch in the courtyard // my new buffet table // the view from the towers // me blocking the view from the towers
I was also so fortunate to have Luke take me on the tour of Coventry's sights. We went to the city centre, which led us to the Coventry Cathedral. It was really lovely. There was some unfortunate scaffolding happening so it wasn't 100% in its glory, but very pretty otherwise. The new cathedral was also nice. At least what I saw from the entrance. We said we'd like to look around but the entrance lady told us it cost money (and she was really gleeful about it too). Was tempted to say "Oh, did we say look? We meant we are here to pray..."

Then as we left the Cathedrals, Luke told me the tour of Coventry was over.

To be fair, it was bombed in WWII and all the pretty parts were destroyed :(

Other than that, we managed to get a day of shopping in at Birmingham where I did considerably more damage than I did in London where I spent 6 pounds. I've also watched a lot of football in which my knowledge has increased at least threefold. Though I am getting quite excited for the Newcastle game we are going to this upcoming weekend!

Plans for this week include me braving Coventry by myself while Luke goes to stag party, potentially going to Stratford, making dinner for the family who have graciously let me stay with them and probably more football. SO MUCH FOOTBALL.

OH. I might also go to the place where Pride & Prejudice was filmed. Luke's not feeling it, but oh well.

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  1. Drag Luke to the Pride & Prejudice! ...."It is a truth universally acknowledged that a young man with a large fortune must be in want of a wife". That's right. I may be able to quote large sections of Pride & Prejudice.

  2. I do not have a witty comment... but I think you are doing considerable better than me who soiled myself at a gas station today... yup... castles sound way more fun than waking up on the concrete only to vomit all over your already soiled self...someone thought I was a junkie though... who owned a car... yes I know Im very diverse in my personalities :D miss you!