Sunday, August 19, 2012

Witheridge, the Sea and Football: my life this weekend

Observations I have made about England:

  1. It's very similar to Canada - through direct questioning I have been asked if people in Canada have pets, as well as if they dress up to go to weddings.
  2. Driving on the left side isn't quite as weird as I seem to remembering it being. If there was a need, I could probably drive with only a moderateamount of panic attacks.
  3. Everyone does drink tea! Or everyone I've been with anyways.
  4. Not that this is news to me but football is huge here. I've actually become interested in it in a very miniscule sort of way.. Don't tell Luke, I'm counting on him not reading my blog and it'll all go to his head.
  5. If you start in London and want to do something COMPLETELY different after, go to Witheridge.
Luke's grandparents took us to Seaton yesterday which was probably my favourite part of this weekend. We walked by the sea, went rockpooling and I thought it was lovely!

We are finishing our time in Witheridge tomorrow and I will be off to the powerhouse that is Coventry. Looking forward to meeting about a million more people!

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