Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shopping, Museums and Hydrogen Cars

I think I have hit the traveler's nirvana. 8 hour flight, 7 hour time difference and no jet lag.

Though, to be fair, I didn't sleep for the first 30 hours of my trip, so that was nice. Shopping all day was tiring in an all new sort of way.

My first two days have been really good! Luke picked me up from the airport and I was prettttttty excited to see him, let's be honest. And he was very kind and managed my suitcase all the way back to his aunt's for me.

That first day, we went shopping. We went to Oxford Street and shopped our little hearts out - in which I bought nothing and Luke bought a pair of shoes. Well done team.

Yesterday we did the Museum thing. We wanted to do 4 museums, but we only managed 3 - Natural History, Science and Imperial War Museum. The Science Museum was very excellent. If you know my love for the Telus World of Science at all, you will understand. Lots of interactive displays of which I took great pleasure in. Granted, most were made for a younger crowd, but darnit, I was going to learn about hereditary genes, DNA and money managing with strangers!

Luke and I also managed a very romantic date night. At the Waterloo station he bought me a pasty from a shop and later we went to the new Bourne movie. Basically dinner and a movie, right?

Anyways, we are off to Westminster and Camden market today, and then to meet more of Luke's family. Pictures to follow, I'm sure!

Hydrogen Car. H2lol.

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