Sunday, August 12, 2012

Things People Say / Leavin Tomorrow!

So my plane leaves tomorrow at 3:35 and I will be heading to London, England!!

I am so full of jitters it is insane. I'm scared, nervous, excited!

I know this is a blog for my ramblings and my lists but it is now a segue to my traveling! This is mostly due to the fact that it is the easiest way to let people know how I am doing as well as I am far too lazy to actually make a new blog expressly for traveling.

So my next post will hopefully be coming at you from England!

But before I head off on my European adventures I will leave you with a list and a "things people say".

Things I have to look forward to in the next 19 hours in Canada:
1. Brett is really treating me to a good night tonight and is making me bagel bites! The original plan was steak but he got off work late, I got home late, the steak was frozen, etc. But bagel bites are totally on par, right?

2. Iced coffees - I will definitely be missing the Tim Horton's... No one in England knows what a double-double is :(

3. Bro-sis time with Brett! - which will consist of us both doing our own thing, but in the same room.

4. Last minute packing! Nothing like the stress of things forgotten to make the trip real!

and of course, THINGS PEOPLE SAY

At salsa dancing, Lauren says: That guy has to be gay or Latino! No straight Canadian moves like that.

Luke, straight up: I like to be smarter than idiots.

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  1. "That guy has to be gay or Latino! No straight Canadian moves like that.", I can't even dance so don't judge me. I will miss Kim!