Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Update on my life! :)

Needless to say, my life has been eventful the past while. I've had some stuff happen in my family and the in the family of a close friend and summer school started at work and Luke left for England. Yeah, pretty busy.

So this is a pretty cute photo, no? This was taken on one of our failed dates. Sometimes we try to have exciting/romantic dates and it usually doesn't work out. So we went to the legislature grounds to play in the pool but it was closed for maintenance... LRT fare gone. and it was a very hot day. But we got a nice photo.

We were trying to pack in everything before he went back to England so in one week we went to a football game, a pool party, played mario kart (don't ask, I'm rather bitter still!) and our families met!

My dance performance team finally had a gig on Canada Day so I was able to perform a few times before I take off to Europe!

Where am I off to in Europe? WELL.

England: I am heading there first to see Luke and hang out in the UK. For the most part, we'll be in his home town on Coventry, which is the picture above. It looks pretty nice if you ask me but apparently it's a dump. Guess we'll find out!


Then I will be off to Stirling to see my good friend, Brian who manages a hostel there. We are going to tour the highlands!

My gameplan from there is sketchy at best but I know not to plan too too much. Anyways, the plan, for now, is to go to Spain after, particularly Barcelona. I've heard incredible things about Barcelona and I can't wait to see it for myself!

Other plans include going along the Meditterranean but we will see how it plays out/how tight money becomes!

In other news, I'm still playing Draw Something. Thought I'd show you a couple of my gems.

Beautiful, no?

Last thing: I needed to share with the world that I got 3rd place in a laser tag game. Out of 33 people I should mention. Not out of 3...




  1. I love you so much! And that camel haha. I am jealous of your un-planned travel plans... icea cream soon?

  2. Were you playing laser tag with 3 year olds? Where the others blind folded? Else-wise I am well and duly impressed.