Wednesday, June 20, 2012

my life the past while

So the month of May passed by so quickly! So sorry for the lack of updates! I'll give you guys a brief overview of what's been going on and what I've been up to. It's pretty random stuff.

Firstly, I convocated! YAY. And with me here are my beautiful education graduate friends! I love you two.

This is the meal I ate yesterday. I was both a little scared I wouldn't have enough pictures on this bog for Lauren to like this post and a little proud of my cooking abilities so I thought this should probably make it up. Garlic-cheesy chicken with rice and veggies! :)

I booked my ticket to Europe! More on that later. But when I am there, I will see this one...

I just love this picture.

So sunny outside! Squinty shadowy picture!

If you look closely, the giraffe is sticking it's tongue out to get the leaves.

Lauren's cabin with some really wonderful people. So calm. 

Maybe tomorrow I'll talk about my summer plans! :)

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  1. Kim-ber-leeeeee... yaya you finally updated things... I approve, now if only you could be consistent!! (raised eyebrow face) I love you and giraffes! :)