Monday, April 30, 2012

Mondays Are Awesome 009

Today was actually really awesome. And the past couple days have been really awesome. So before I use up my quota of how many times I am permitted to use the word "awesome", I"ll just go ahead and make my list!

1. Farmer's Markets
I went on the weekend with a good friend, and we caught up on life, drank starbucks and I bought hummus. Honestly, what better life is there?

2. Shopping!
I normally go shopping and end up buying nothing because I love unaffordable beauties or because I'm super picky. But my friend from Calgary was up this weekend and so we went shopping and i bought a new dress which I wore today at the...

3. Zoo!
Luke and I went to the Valley Zoo today and it was so fun! I'm not saying the Edmonton zoo is anything particularly special, but I do like it :) I don't remember the last time I was there without children and day camps and activities. Oh no wait, Suzanne and I scoped out the zoo a few years ago.

Okay, story time. Back in the days of day camps, Suzanne and I had zero knowledge of how to get around Edmonton in any efficient manner so google maps was our very best friend. Anyways, we wanted to scope out the zoo for future trips, so we asked mr. google how to get there. Google has a warped sense of Edmonton. He led us straight downtown. When is a zoo ever downtown?!

Anyways, that's all :)


  1. Love when your blog is updated... miss you :(

  2. We were legit confused and lost for over an hour. I'm pretty sure. It was really early in spring too, so none of the animals were out:( The zoo has done a bunch of renovations etc since then, so I'm sure it was tres awesome. Also, I'll have you know that Thomas and I made 1 dollar off your visit to the zoo. Software entrepreneurship for the win!