Sunday, January 1, 2012

some reflections on my resolutions

So my one of my favourite/least favourite things to do at the end of the year is see how well I did with all my resolutions! Plus, once I do this I get to think up next year's!

What was I hoping to accomplish? WELL.

1. Believe that you are a strong, confident good-looking lady. 
Well, I gave a solid effort. And to be perfectly honest, I feel way better and way more confident than January last year, but I wouldn't say I got this 100%. I give myself a half mark for this.

2. Do not do more than TRIM your hair
Somehow my hair grew more this year than any other year and I'm very impressed. I'm giving myself next year off, I am allowed to do whatever I want with it! After convocation at least.

3. Try a new style of dance
I did a ballet class and a tap class this year, so I did very well :)

4. Get Fit 2011
I wouldn't say I got fit, but I have been doing yoga and dance fairly religiously so I would say .5/1

5. Keep better track of spending
Yes and no. I don't think I did well enough to give myself a half mark, but I learned some very valuable lessons about saving and spending money this year. Next year I KNOW will be better. More about that in the 2012 Resolutions post :)

6. Keep up with class readings
lololololol fail.

7. Focus on skincare.
My skin is sooo much better. I actually went to a doctor this summer about my acne and over the past couple months I have seen some pretty dramatic results, so that's been really awesome.

8. Drink more tea
Oh good gosh, if you even knew how much tea I had in this household...

9. Focus more on core friendships
I did not pass this one, but I would say that I improved. Also, it's hard gauging these ones that have no definitive point of success... half mark.

10. Appreciate my mother more.
I appreciate my mother so much, I really do, but HOW DO I GAUGE THIS? half mark.

11. Be patient with The Boyfriend
ahaha, NOPE.

I passed! I got 6/11, so I did fairly well. But I definitely learned a lot this year.

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  1. I would say you focuses extrememly well on our relationship... especially on some plane rides ;)
    LOVE YOU and your tea :)