Thursday, November 22, 2012

get me a pub quiz

It's been three weeks since I got home. There are many things here that I am so grateful for, like making money and having a full wardrobe. But I do miss a few things.

It's high time I made a list, right?


  1. Walking - I mean, I missed Albi the Car but there is something I really enjoy about walking to places and feeling good about yourself. If I walk here I get frostbite and lose my extremities.
  2. Autumn - This is a very elusive season here where you blink and you miss it.
  3. Delivery food - no one delivers decent food in the park and it makes me sad and curry-less.
  4. Responsibility - it's so easy to shift it to others when you come back and live with the parents.
  5. Pub quizzes - cheap alcohol (aka cider) and trivia! what's not to love!
Anyone know of a pub quiz in Edmonton area?

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