Monday, February 13, 2012

Mondays Are Awesome 002

It's suffice to say that today actually is awesome. It's my reading week, so there is no school and I totally slept in! I have missed sleep. So, here is what I have been loving lately.

1. My classmates
I really loved my class this semester, and my classmates were kind of ridiculous, in a mostly good way. Though I am super stoked to be out teaching, I will miss the social studies camaraderie that we all shared.

2. My Costco blanket
Lately my house has been extra extra chilly and this blanket brings the heat! Literally! Most mornings (most mornings meaning this week) I wander around the house wrapped up in it. It's brown and cozy and I would imagine I sort of look like a potato. 

3. Moroccan Tea (and tea in general)
We even brought out the china to enjoy our Moroccan tea yesterday. Gorgeous, right? Nothing like china tea cups to make your tea drinking even more enjoyable. 

4. My new yellow sweater
I did think about taking a picture and modeling this for you but I just got back from yoga and the rest of my ensemble would be sweatpants and a weird looking ponytail. It deserves a better debut. 

5. stumbleupon
If you have no idea what this website is, go discover. It's wicked awesome and it zaps boredom like THAT. I have found some real gems lately.

However stumbleupon also gives you some straight up weird websites. Earlier today I 'stumbled' upon a website that detailed one person's shower routine...

Happy Monday!

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