Tuesday, February 7, 2012

because evelyn wanted to see the pictures

As I think about teaching high school in the very near future, I do realize that I look very young - like, young enough to not actually be out of high school yet. And lucky for me, I have a cousin that likes to make sure I know how young I look!

This is Evelyn. We look sort of the same age here, mainly because my hair is pulled back. Evidently I look older when my hair is pulled back.

FUN STORY: This is the elephant ear with loads of icing sugar we were about to devour. I seriously have problems eating these because they are quite messy and I ALWAYS wear dark colours when I eat them. #whenwillshelearn

This past summer, Evelyn and I would go to the Fringe and the guys at the patio of a bar would ask if she wanted to join, provided her cousin was old enough.

Ladies and gentleman, she is 16. I AM 22!!

So we were shopping the other day, and by sheer luck, I caught her in a moment of looking 16!

Pretty cute, hey?

Oh, family, how silly you are.

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