Wednesday, December 14, 2011

where them girls at?

I'm not entirely sure if this was supposed to be combined with the last post at all, but I am now supposed to talk about what I dislike about girls.

I'm not sure if I should be hilarious (as I often am) or serious.

Well, we shall see where it goes...

1. I hate the drama. My best friends don't really give me any drama at all, bless their hearts, but I have a lot of periphery friends that do.
2. I hate the mind games. This could partially be because I'm not clever enough or unsuspecting enough to play them myself. My life could be like Inception...
3. I hate the ones at yoga who look hotter than and are more flexible. Not fair.
4. I hate how some have fast metabolisms and could eat cupcakes all day if they really wanted without gaining any weight. I have special pants for Christmas Day and my turkey intake. OM NOM NOM. (not really, they're just lulus...)
5. I hate nothing else. All of these are more dislikes than anything else. Let's just love each other, kay?

1 comment:

  1. 1) Its hard to be dramatic when youre married but I try awful hard... sometimes I cry... does this count?
    2) I try to play mind games and then I get bored with them and people are left confused (The silent treatment never works for me because I just cant stay silent)
    3)I may look good in lulu but I cant even touch my toes :(
    4)Im sorry :( to be fair I also have to undo my jeans when I eat large meals just its temporary...
    5)I love you!