Sunday, December 25, 2011

need some tunes for christmas


I was blessed by some fabulously thoughtful gifts today and some pretty incredible family. I hope you all were too!

But my big dilemma, I got like, 4 iTunes cards and have NO IDEA what to buy! I want to listen to some good tunes...

Other dilemma, how much chocolate is too much before turkey dinner?

And lastly, why do I keep asking for tea? I need to get my hydration on - so many yummy teas to drink.

Lastly, the challenge thing of the day is to include a screen shot but that seems boring... so as I tend to change all the ones that I don't like, here is a picture I took last night at my Grandma's house.

Sorry for the flash of light in the center, iPhone was feeling rebellious.

It's this german word that literally means "egg cracking and perforating device". And with a little bit of coaching, I managed to learn how to pronounce. Quiz me sometime.

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