Tuesday, November 8, 2011

more challenges!

Soooo, I have decided that I like the 30 day challenges because they give me a direction of where to go with my posts. However, we all know I totally can't do it in 30 days and that I like randomly interspersed other posts, but I will endeavour to do this in less than 8 months. And use less run-on sentences.



  1. name, age, birthday, hobbies, favorite music
  2. the meaning behind your tumblr url.
  3. how have you changed in the past 2 years.
  4. what you wear to bed.
  5. something that pisses you off.
  6. talk about the first time you met your friends.
  7. five things that irritate you about the same sex? opposite sex?
  8. screenshot your desktop.
  9. your opinion on cheating on people.
  10. you favorite song and why it’s your favorite song.
  11. the best thing to happen to you this week.
  12. ten things about you that people wouldn’t expect.
  13. what kind of person attracts you.
  14. five things you want to say to five people.
  15. something you hate.
  16. something you love.
  17. the person you like and why you like them.
  18. your last kiss.
  19. your opinion on religion.
  20. your opinion on drugs
  21. your opinion on alcohol.
  22. the last fight or argument you had.
  23. your family is like (siblings).
  24. the nicest thing you’ve ever done.
  25. something you’re really excited for.
  26. three pictures of yourself.
  27. something you’re worrying about.
  28. two good things that happened recently.
  29. three things you want to change about yourself.
  30. how you’ve changed this month.
So the first one is a biggie. I sort of had copied and pasted this without looking at this too much. 

My name is Kim.
I am 21 but I look about 17.
My birthday is January 14.
My hobbies are dancing, yoga and, evidently schoolwork. 
My favourite music is an eclectic mix, but I really dig needtobreathe, ingrid michaelson and death cab for cutie. check em out.

that is a lot of facts you may or may not have known about it. YEP. 

I feel like that was a lot of text, and as a teacher, I feel guilty. Here's a picture. 

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