Monday, October 31, 2011

things you never knew you never knew

This weekend I had a dance workshop but the greatest things that I learned were not dance related.

1. One piece swimsuits can look SUPERFINE.

My new swimsuit looks like this:
It's like being a pin up girl from the 40s. This swimsuit can do no wrong and I look amazeballs. People, invite me over for hot tub parties so I can bust this baby out! (side note: why did I buy this in October? so inconvenient.)

2. I need to be more cultured.

On a coffee date this weekend, I was an active listener and mostly because I was enthralled by what people knew and had to say - not because I had nothing to say, but my somethings were not as interesting or sophisticated.

3. Driving for hours by yourself can be awesome. Just pump up the jams.

4. Mean Girls is freaking hilarious. Watch it.

Who can forget this classic moment? Seriously, the rest of the weekend, Sarah and I couldn't stop going "uuuuuh, Kevin G!"

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