Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 25 - a picture of your day

Since I have been failing lately at these picture challenges, I took several for today.

This is one side of my room. This is the direction I face when I feel incredibly lazy and sit on my bed all day watching Dollhouse or painting my nails. It's going to be a thrilling day.

My car is my baby! :) It's name is Albi. Anyways, I ventured outside for all of ten minutes today to clean it and it is much prettier now. #toohottocleancar

This house may not be where I live any longer. The mother force is out looking at bigger and better houses in neighbourhoods further away from everything I love. I may or may not have pouted for significantly longer than I care to admit.

So yes, today was inexplicably boring, but I downloaded instagram to make these pictures seem more artsy, so that's neat. May tomorrow's post be infinitely more interesting!

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