Monday, February 20, 2012

Mondays Are Awesome 003

It's been a really awesome week, as a week off should be. I've been sleeping and reading and basically doing nothing - so glorious. Anyways, onwards!

1. TV
Since being off school, I've managed to catch up on all my essential tv shows! This list is diverse but includes Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Castle, Alcatraz and Modern Family. 

2. Dancing!
There was a swing dance social thing this weekend that was lots of fun! I very much enjoyed dressing up and dancing and hanging out with my friends.

3. Spanish Lattes
Not the boozy kind but the kind that I found at this adorable little mediterranean place. Apparently they use condensed milk so it's similar to Vietnamese coffee - anyways, SO GOOD.

4. The famjam
Since it's Family Day, Brett, John, Mom, and I all watched a movie this evening! Though, Mom fell asleep and Brett 'went to the bathroom' and failed to reappear,  I feel like John and I bonded.

5. Homemade Bailey's
We made more :DDDD

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