Sunday, October 9, 2011

the doctor, thanksgiving and yoga

Happy Thanksgiving! Even if you aren't Canadian! :)

I am full of turkey and feeling pretty good about myself. Although, that may be due to the killer hour of hot yoga I did earlier. Whoa.

Anyways, on to a list of things I am feeling very thankful for RIGHT NOW:
1. Doctor Who - it has been a while since a tv show has enraptured me so. Not since Grey's Anatomy do I feel such a need to watch EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. I spent the evening in a turkey-coma-like feeling wrapped in a large blanket watching Doctor Who. It was awesome. Also, am I the only one who doesn't mind Chris Eccleston? :)

2. my friends - there are some in particular that come to mind, but I am blessed with a few really superb friendships and they are such blessings to me.
3. dancing - I am thankful for a hobby that is so good for me socially and physically. My mom actually pushed me out of the house earlier this week because I was in a nasty mood and she was like "go dancing! it'll make you feel better!"
4. really amazing professors - My faith in teaching has been renewed.
5. needtobreathe - I <3 their new cd!
6. my famjam - legit.
7. agenda books - because I am always thankful for agenda books!
8. nice smelling candles.

that's all for now, folks - have a great day :)

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