Thursday, September 22, 2011

Seattle, Vancouver and School!

I miss my lists. So here's one!

8 Awesome Things that have happened since I haven't updated you about Vancouver, Seattle, and the start of school!

  1. Dancing with A LOT of my favourite leads in Vancouver.
  2. Bonding time with Theresa in our travels in and around Vancouver.
  3. Dancing with A LOT of my favourite leads in Seattle.
  4. Going to Pike Place market
    1. Sub Point: At Pike Place market they have these gorgeous bouquets of amaaazing flowers for like, $15. Seriously, I want them ALL.
  5. Learning some sweet balboa. 
  6. Finding out that I really really really enjoy History of Pre-confederation Canada.
  7. Realizing that I am kicking butt in Spanish literature (hopefully this statement doesn't jinx this!)
Looking super pleased to be in Seattle :P

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