Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 23 + Day 24

Next time I do a list thing, I am going to read through them more carefully. Seriously, a picture of the sweetest thing ANYONE has EVER done for me. In my entire life. Clearly, at the moment, I would have thought to snap a photo in case I should ever be asked. /rant

Photo aside, I can't even think of the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. There are a lot of awesome people in my life that continually do sweet things. I don't think I have photo evidence of any of it. Oh well.

This is why I have decided to tackle Day 24 today as well! Day 24 is a picture of something you wish you could change. Now, this seems eerily similar to the one about something I wish I was better at. However, I will take this in a more situational context to make my blog seem more exciting and varied.

dolla dolla bill, yo

I wish I could change the amount of money I have to be more so I could travel more, and give more, and not feel bad about my Starbucks habit. Whoo, what an exciting and varied blog post. 

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