Wednesday, June 1, 2011

south american travels!

One reason (amidst many other not nearly as exciting reasons) for essentially not posting anything in the last few months is that I went traveling down to South America! :) It was amaaazing and Lauren and I took waaaay too many pictures for me to stick in a reasonable collage so I only picked my top 8.

Sooo, in clockwise order (más o menos) from the top left:

1. Near Mendoza, Argentina - there is this incredible spa/hot springs where the view can quite literally take your breath away. We talked about the view for most of the day. And this place was cheeeap!
2. The group picture is the Youth For Christ people we got to meet in Buenos Aires - an incredible group.
3. Yenaylis and I! (P.S. - isn't that the prettiest name ever?)
4. In Uruguay, Lauren and I took about 30 pictures of the sunset. It was unreal.
5. We gringas needed some starbucks, what can I say?
6. The cutest and most lovely beach house that we got to stay in in Marbella, Chile. I could live there.
7. Our friend, James! Or... HAMS! We are in front of Casa Rosada - the pink presidential building. 
8. Ocean :) Again, in Colonia, Uruguay. There was just this expanse of ocean and it was gorgeous. 

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